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Lee Seung-No, Managing Director [Planning]
TEL. 032)820-8203 / E-Mail.

Cha Hee-Joong, Director [Chief of Stock Management Team]
TEL. 032)820-8252 / E-Mail.

Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

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In order to protect personal information of its principals in accordance with Article 30 of the Personal information Protection Act and process relevant difficulties, SPG (hereinafter, the ‘Company’) establishes and announces the Policy on Personal Information Processing as follows;   Article 1 (Purpose of personal information processing) The Company processes personal information for the following purposes; Personal information under processing shall not be utilized for any purpose other than the following and, in the event of change in the purpose of use, the necessary measures will be implemented pursuant to Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act such as asking for an additional consent. 1. Homepage sign-up and management
Personal information is processed for the purposes of sign-up and checking intention to sign-up as a special member, personal identification/authentication for
membership service provision, membership qualification maintenance/management, personal identification for limited identification system implementation,
preventionof unjust service use, checking the consent of a legal representative in the event of processing the personal information of children aged under 14,
processing various notifications, and difficulty treatment.
2. Goods or service provision
Personal information is processed for the purpose of goods shipment, service provision, contract/bill sending, contents provision, customized service provision,
personal authentication, age verification, payment, and debt collection.